The Tehachapi freshman Indians are flashing a little defensive prowess of their own.

Last week, they beat Rosamond and Garces, holding each to under 20 points. The Indians beat Rosamond 38-14 on Tuesday, Jan. 3, then defeated Garces 45-19 on Thursday, Jan.5.

“If you're playing Tehachapi at any level, you better prepare to face a tough defense,” coach Moe Cramer said.

The Indians were off to a quick start against Rosamond, getting 3-pointers from Jaimie Dayton, Deandre Martin and Mathew Finklea as their first three baskets of the game.

Nine of Cramer's 12 rostered freshmen scored, with Dayton leading with 8 points, including a pair of 3's.

“I'm very proud of the boys playing as a team offensively, getting nine players on the scoreboard,” Cramer said.

Martin led the Indians with 18 points against Garces, and Grant Cowan had 8. AJ Sanchez played what Cramer called “relentless defense down the stretch” to help keep Garces at bay.

The Tehachapi freshmen are now 9-2.

"These young men work very hard at practice and are sold out to the strategies taught at practice,” Cramer said. “If they continue to play this disciplined, they will be very hard to beat.”