Tehachapi's freshman Indians got a little tough love from the right place, and coach Moe Cramer said he thought it might have been just what they needed against Ridgeview.

The Indians rallied from a 20-18 halftime deficit to beat Ridgeview 48-42 on Friday, Feb. 10, at home. Mathew Finklea led the Indians with 12 points, and Ryan Jones came off the bench with 10.

The game represented a breakthrough for the Indians, who had seemed to shrink from some of the better teams they had played earlier in the season. They lost to Ridgeview 37-18 in their first game this year.

"In our locker room discussion I tried to convince the boys that they were doing it again,” Cramer said, “that they were playing with their heads down as if they had already lost.

“I'm grateful for youth coach Jimmy Perkins coming into the locker room late and reiterating everything I had said. I think sometimes tough love needs to come from elsewhere besides their coach."

Brandon Neaderboamer had 9 points, and De'Andre Martin contributed 7.

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, the Indians beat Golden Valley 38-31, getting 8 points from Nathanael Betz and 6 each from Jameson Dayton, Finklea, Nearderboamer, Martin and Jones all had 6 points.

Dayton had two 3-pointers.

"It's great to see the boys all contribute for the win,” Cramer said. “Seven of 10 from the free throw line was the frosting on the cake.”

The Indians were 17-4 and 7-2 in the South Yosemite League.