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Varsity Tomahawk captains for the 2019 National League Conference Championship game were consecutive, six-year players No. 8 Jacob Root, No. 64 Austin DeGerolami, No. 34 AJ Anderson and No. 2 Karson Tiewater.

For 21 weeks, 30 young men met on a practice field 59 days. These dedicated young athletes devoted 115 and a half hours to each other in training and team building.

Three days as a Warrior offered a vision of their future. Pre-season scrimmage gave opportunity for adjustments before the battles that would count. With one showcase of talents, these young men would enter 12 games as varsity Tomahawks.

Nine regular season games turned into two post-season spectaculars, wrapping up their season under the lights fighting in a well-deserved championship match.

Varsity Tomahawks earned the opportunity to fight the Titans of Bakersfield for the National League Conference Championship on the field of Garces Memorial High School Saturday, Nov. 9. Both teams came prepared for battle, both seeking victory. Forty minutes of play were full of the highs and lows expected to accompany any title match. Though the Tomahawks would fall short in the battle against the Titans 12-22, there were 30 young athletes who found victory in their impressive 9-3 season.

“I want to take the opportunity to thank my coaches for their time and desire to teach these boys how to play mountain football,” said head coach Rod Michael.

The varsity Tomahawks were led by coaches Michael, Jeremiah Brus, Chris Jones, Brian Villanueva and Nathan Abromovich.

“I also want to thank the players for buying into our plan and giving us everything they had," Michael said.

The 2019 varsity Tomahawks were: Aiden Corbin, Karson Tiewater, Mike Jones, Ty’rion Davis, Jacob Root, Noah Costales, Jacob Betancourt, Juan Parra, Nathan Ruben, Devin Smith, Braedan Warne, Austin Dugan, Nicholas Counihan, Sebastian Peel, AJ Anderson, Hoben Hoge, Jorge Tirado, Arel Tirado, Austin DeGerolami, Adrian Gonzalez, Daniel Higgins, Ian Liles, Justin Hamilton, Jonathan Corrales, Christopher Paepke, Lyrik Brentham, Kaleb Songer, Nicholas Sharp, Taylor Guerrero and Beau Blades.

Coach Michael finished with, “Also to the parents, thank you for allowing us to work with your children. They were and are an amazing, diverse group of boys and I look forward to seeing them continue their journey in the game of football and life.”

With the conclusion of the season, all four divisions of the Tomahawks have announced their All Area player selections for the 2019 season. For the freshmen division, they are lineman Kyden Pina, lineman Luke Bowman, running back Jason Michael, running back David Sipes and all-around utility player Brenden Smith. Also recognized will be Academic All Area selection Lukas Bullard.

Sophomore division selections are defensive end Tristan Smith, running back Roland Pina, running back Austin Rolow, lineman Owen Sharp and all-around utility player Colton Michael. Academic All Area, with a 4.0 GPA, is Brody Nylander.

Representing the junior varsity division are lineman Hayden Michael, lineman Kenneth Pitt, running back Adrian Pina, running back Ruben Sedano and all-around utility player Moose Brus. Academic All Area, with a 4.34 GPA, is Wade Brooks.

Taking field for the varsity division are lineman Jorge Tirado, lineman Christopher Paepke, running back Ty’rion Davis, running back AJ Anderson and all-around utility player Sebastian Peel. Earning the Academic All Area, with a 4.3448 GPA, is Nicholas Counihan.

For Tomahawk cheer, Maci Martin, Hailey Ulate and Grace Van Ostrand will represent the All Area cheer team. Academic All Area cheerleaders are Marjani San Nicolas, Julia Magrdle and Sophia Buentiempo.

The sophomore, junior varsity and varsity All Area players will take to field for the final time in the 2019 season in GEYF’s Youth Shrine Bowl Games on Saturday, Nov. 16 at Independence High School in Bakersfield. Freshmen players, along with Academic All Area selections, will be honored during halftime of the varsity games.

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Jenn Michael is Tehachapi Youth Football's director of off field operations.