The sport of football requires more than athletes with speed, strength and athleticism. It’s more than the coach with the perfect scheme on defense or the planned route on offense. If you allow football to touch your life, you find it’s a passion-driven sport for every individual involved, a sport that is led by and played with immense heart.

For the young athletes of Tehachapi, none fall short of this. Hosting the second game of the season, the Tomahawks welcomed Southwest Mojo out of Bakersfield. With his raw and impressive vocals, Theron Brentham sang our nations anthem before each game kick off as we looked upon the stars and stripes brought to us by RST Cranes.

Scoring for the first time in the season were the young freshmen Tomahawks. In a collective effort, the dual offenses racked up 25 points as the defense left the Mojos scoreless.

Facing an opponent who finished their 2017 season in a championship game were our sophomore Tomahawks. With focused practice and preparation through the week, the sophomores battled during game time, but were unable to find the end zone with the final score 0 to Mojos 33.

Returning to the field this week after their win against the Cardinals, junior varsity Tomahawks stormed the field in confidence. Despite several penalties and a quick scoring Southwest, Tehachapi remained relentless with the final score of 29, Mojos 12.

In what appeared as a sea of black rolling across the field were the varsity players of Southwest. Outnumbering those of the Tomahawks, what was to take place was the event of the day. In an impressive showing of teamwork, talent and hunger to win, varsity slayed the giant in a victorious first win of the season 22-6.

“Our boys keep improving,” head coach Brian Copus said. “Defense was solid for the second week and the offense is starting to come around. We played a bigger team and our line responded and played with a lot of heart.”

Tehachapi Youth Football freshmen, sophomore and junior varsity divisions welcome the Titans, as varsity play in a non-conference game versus Freedom on Saturday, Sept. 8 at the fields of TYFC located in Benz Visco Youth Sports Park. For more information, visit us on Facebook at Tehachapi Youth Football & Cheer.

Jenn Michael is Tehachapi Youth Football's director of off field operations.