Tehachapi Valley Wrestling Club has started its wrestling season with 50 kids from kindergarten to 8th grade and many girls competing. The team is divided into three practice groups with middle school, second through fifth grades and kindergarten to first grade to ensure that each wrestler receives a lot of individual attention.

TVWC has been doing a lot of fundraising over the last year to purchase a new wrestling mat for the middle school practice site.

“It is so great to have this new mat for our kids,” said TVWC President Adrian Hart.

TVWC had its first competition Saturday Nov. 16, in Shafter at the KCWC-SMBC Takedown tournament.

“We had 25 wrestlers battling on the mat with all of them placing,” said Coach Marcus Coates.

First-time wrestlers placing in their age and weight divisions were: Davis Munson, 3rd, K-1, 40 pounds; Drake Lightner, K-1, 1st, 45 pounds; Liam Parker, 3rd, K-1, 45 pounds; Claire Shadduck, 6th, middle school, 80 pounds; Jovanni Martinez, 5th, middle school, 135 pounds; Noah Welton, 5th, middle school, 80 pounds; and Garick Maclachlan, K-1, 40 pounds.

“I was impressed with our new wrestlers getting on the mat for the first time,” head coach Curtis Nelson said.

Reese Hart placed first in middle school at 109 pounds; Ben Reyna, 1st, K-1, 45 pounds; Marcus Coates, 1st, K-1, 45 pounds; Noe Mesa, 1st, 2-3 grade, 45 pounds; Gabriel Mesa, 1st, 2-3 grade, 50 pounds; and Jake Brown, 1st, 2-3 grade, 40 pounds.

Second place went to Kayden Gonzales, 4-5 grade, 75 pounds; Phillip Coates, K-1, 45 pounds; Andre Cordova, 2-3 grade, 45 pounds; Edward Reyna, 2-3 grade 60 pounds; Owen Schneider, 4-5 grade, 57 pounds; and Nicholas Voshall, middle school, 135 pounds.

Taking home third place medals were: Bentley Folks, K-1, 46 pounds; Michael Brown, 4-5 grade, 75 pounds; Ella Schneider, middle school, 80 pounds; and Myles Bega, 2-3 grade, 50 pounds.

Fourth place went to Maddox Maclachlan and Anthony Ashby, middle school, 133 pounds.

Curtis Nelson is TVWC's head coach.