It takes a team to field a team.

Think about that for a minute. When spectators show up for games, there are certain things that are simply taken for granted, but there are several people working behind the scenes to ensure they are available.

Friday night Tehachapi High School football games or weeknight volleyball matches are the perfect example. Lots of moving parts, getting new staff up to speed with one common goal: to start another season of THS athletics.

Take the first football game a few weeks ago. There were the fans, of course, many of whom showed up and took their places in their reserved seats, some of whom have been sitting in the same spot for years, even decades. That contribution is a part of the team as well. Their payments and allegiance to the Warriors Booster Club helps tremendously toward the end goal of getting the team on the field.

Speaking of the Boosters, there were plenty of them working that Friday night as well. From organizing the snack bar efforts to rallying the crowd to purchase 50-50 tickets, their presence was noticeable. There were also several Boosters who were off site during the game running a concert at Centennial Plaza, with the proceeds going toward the Booster program. At last count, more than $2,000 is heading to the club, meaning it will soon be benefiting all THS teams. There was also a postgame pizza party at TK Pizza. They too took part in the team by keeping their doors open later on a busy weekend to host fans.

There’s the THS staff as well. If many of you don’t know, Victor Morales is the new athletic director this season at THS. His presence has been immediately felt as he’s started making small changes to game day to help things run smoother and create a better environment for fans. It’s not a process that will be fixed overnight, or in one season, but taking first steps in trying to make the entire program better is important.

There’s student ASB leaders and their teacher advisors preparing things like student cheering sections, music and chants. The band directors, band members and parents are organizing their efforts to make sure their presence is felt. You can’t forget about groups like the cheerleaders who are figuring out their role on game day along with coordinating their own fundraising.

It’s an impressive team, an impressive collection of teams for that matter, that are working to get our teams on the field. It’s about those taking tickets, maintaining the facilities, volunteering in support roles and donating their money to the cause. It’s elbow grease and desire, it’s caring and compassion. If something isn’t being done, it’s most likely because there’s a lack of manpower to do it. More volunteers are always appreciated.

So, the next time you come to a Tehachapi High School game, hopefully one of the upcoming Friday night home games this week or next, you’ll take notice of some of the things going on around the field to make sure the action on the field is presented in the best light possible.

If you happen to see someone wearing Tehachapi green going a little above and beyond, thank them for their work and their contribution to our community. We’ve got a way to go, but it’s so nice seeing the game day team moving in the right direction.

Corey Costelloe has covered the NCAA, professional and local sports for more than 20 years as a reporter and broadcaster. A THS graduate, he now resides and works in Tehachapi. He can be reached at The opinions expressed are his own.