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Personal defense readiness and teen bully defense courses now offered at TVPRD

The Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District is now offering the Blauer Tactical Systems Personal Defense Readiness (PDR) self-defense course and Teen Bully Defense course.

What makes these courses different than any other self-defense course on the market? The answer is simple: It is based on the human body's natural defense system.

The training is scientific, yet taught in a way that everyone can easily understand and walk away prepared to defend themselves. Coach Tony Blauer, Founder and President of Blauer Tactical Systems, and one of the most renowned and sought after Self Defense and Combative professionals, has spent 30 years researching and developing the S.P.E.A.R. system, a system which has been reviewed and endorsed by Doctors in three different countries.

The PDR half day training focuses on empowering attendees by helping them to understand their natural behavioral reactions to an attack, embracing them, and learning to effectively defend themselves during a violent encounter. This is accomplished through fear management training and specific drills that focus on the three seconds before the fight happen; ultimately resulting in a quicker response time.

The S.P.E.A.R. system has been taught around the world to include many U.S. Special Operations Units, police SWAT teams, and private citizens and now you have this at your fingertips.

This class is designed for all teens, not just the ones who have been, or are actively, being bullied. Bullying can happen anywhere at any time. Give your teen the confidence to effectively not only the physical aspect, but the emotional and psychological aspect of an event. The teens will learn the same scientific research, yet presented in a method that is easy to grasp and retain.

There is nothing complex that will take months and years of practice to master. The intent of the training is to empower your teen to live with self-confidence, not only in a bully situation, but in life.

Some of the things you will take away from the training is how to detect, defuse and defend against violent aggressors, identify pre-contact cues that signal an oncoming attack, legal pre-emptive strikes, use your body in the most efficient way possible, effectively use close quarter weapons and control and overcome the numbing, freezing feeling of fear; ultimately resulting in how to Be Your Own Bodyguard™.

What you will not learn are ineffective or difficult to learn techniques, scenarios that are not realistic and anything that is not moral, legal and ethical.

The PDR course is taught by Ryan Finnegan. Ryan spent over seven years on Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps where he was certified as a Close Combat Instructor and Marine Corps Marital Arts Instructor training hundreds of Marines in close quarters hand-to-hand combat and unarmed self-defense.

Upon his end of active duty service in 2002, he served as a contract instructor to the United States Navy Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection program in which he taught a variety of courses to include the Training Supervisors Unarmed self-defense course and close quarters battle.

Ryan is certified as a PDR Coach and has also attended the BTS Tactical Ground Combative Course along with numerous other weapons and tactics courses. Ryan also teaches the PDR and Teen Bully courses at CrossFit Tehachapi.

To learn more about the training you are encouraged to visit (self defense tab), follow CFT Self Defense on Facebook or email Ryan at or visit Blauer Tactical Systems website To sign up for a course at TVPRD you can register online at or in person at the district office.


MATT YOUNG is District Manager of Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District. The class is ongoing and is scheduled for the first Saturday of every month; however classes and times may be expanded. For class times and dates or to register please visit or call the district office at 822-3228.

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