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Donation made to THS football program

Coaches receive new headsets in honor of Rogers couple

With the Tehachapi High School football team in dire need of new coaching headsets for their games, the Rogers and Childress Family recently made a generous donation to the Mountain Football program to purchase the much-needed equipment in honor of their beloved patriarchs, Jesse "Nemo" and Anna Rogers.

The Rogers, both longtime residents of Tehachapi, were married 63 years before Anna passed away in 2006. Nemo recently passed away just over a year ago on Aug. 1, 2013.

Although Nemo Rogers was not a THS alum himself, he was a highly respected Tehachapi citizen and was always a great fan of the Warrior program.

The Rogers found their way to Tehachapi after Nemo started his own company in the 1950s, called J.N. Rogers construction. Nemo had a reputation as one of the finest "cat skinners" in the area (a slang term for a heavy equipment operator).

During his company's tenure, Nemo was very instrumental in developing much of the state's post-World War II infrastructure. When the state legislature approved the development of Interstate 5, the tines on Nemo's cats were some of the first to cut the earth and pave the way.

The couple settled in the Tehachapi area in 1959 after Nemo received a state contract to help lay in the first roads for California City. Once the Cal City project was complete, Nemo fell in love with Tehachapi and decided to stay and raise his family.

Anna completed her GED at Tehachapi Adult School in 1966, making her an honorary Warrior, and the couple always kept up on the progress of THS in athletic events.

"(Nemo) loved the Warriors, one of the things he would always ask me was how the Warrior teams were doing," said grandson and THS football sideline official Gary Childress. "My grandfather always was one to help out anyone when he could."

Making the donation on behalf of Nemo and Anna were family members and THS graduates JoAnn Childress (Class of '63), John Rogers (Class of '66), Roy Rogers (Class of '74), Gary Childress (Class of '85) and Jeff Childress (Class of '87).

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