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Edging Burroughs in overtime Tehachapi JV squad records 59-52 win

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Jon Danielson (No. 24) drives in for a basket while Bryan Cotta (No. 34) looks on in a 59-52 overtime victory over Burroughs last Tuesday. Danielson finished with 12 points and Cotta had 11 points for the Braves.

The Braves had one of the most entertaining games of the week last Tuesday in a thrilling 59-52 home victory over Burroughs.

Jesus Sanchez led the Braves with 17 points, followed by Jon Danielson with 12 points (two three pointers).

Bryan Cotta also contributed with 11 points, followed by Jack Salzman with eight points, Ryan Kelly with six points, Jacob Gonzales with four points and Andy Smith with a free throw.

Later in the week, Tehachapi (1-3) participated in the Liberty Tournament, suffering a pair of losses to Golden Valley (26-16) and Frontier (28-25).

Daniel Viselli led the team in scoring over Golden Valley with six points, followed by Danielson with four points and Sanchez, Gonzales and Bryan Cotta each with two points.

Smith and Sanchez led the scoring against Frontier with six points apiece, followed by Angel Garcia with four points, Lars Olofson with a three pointer, and Kris Breedlove, Daniel Wight and Viselli with two points each.


The Indians were narrowly defeated at home last Tuesday in a 42-41 loss against Burroughs.

David Wheeler led the team in scoring with 16 points, including two three pointers, followed by Gus Marantos with 10 points.

Carson Bethany also had eight points, Israel Guerrero had four points and Jose Pena had three points.

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