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THS swimmers take All-League Honors

Mountain Swimming recently finished a strong season that had the Warriors closing with a second place finish and the Lady Warriors a fourth place finish in the Southeast Yosemite League.

For their efforts, 24 THS athletes were named to the first, second and honorable mention teams.

Taking first team honors were Zachary Gaylord, Teddy Diefenderfer, Andrew Sparling, Alan Michael Ayers, Sean Banks, Kylee Blackburn, Vanessa Neang and Megan Stout.

Earning second team were swimmers Ethan Teare, Andy Smith, Andrew Bartels, Brayton Teare, Josh Sparling, Megan Barnes, Amanda Stout, Martina Sevegnani and Jasmine Delgadillo. Taking honorable mention were Jamie Phillips, Emerson Fisher, Noemi Lorenz, Morgan Maiden, Tyler Tyree, Andrew Borst and Nigel Rosenberg.

Below is a breakdown of all first team honorees for Tehachapi.

Alan Michael Ayers, Senior

The talented all-around swimmer had a great senior season for the Warriors, taking first in the 200 freestyle relay, third in the 200 medley relay and 50 freestyle and fourth in the 100 butterfly at the SEYL finals. Ayers is a three-time first team all-league swimmer, having also earned the honor his junior year and first team All-SSL his sophomore season.

Zachary Gaylord, Senior

The senior earned THS a first place finish in the 200 freestyle and third place finish in the 400 freestyle, along with a sixth place showing in the 100 backstroke at the league championship to take first team All-SEYL honors for the Warriors. Gaylord was also a qualifier for the CIF Division I championships in Clovis last month.

Vanessa Neang, Senior

Neang had a pair of third place finishes to cap her senior season, taking bronze in the 100 breaststroke and the 400 freestyle relay at the SEYL championship meet. She also took fourth in the 200 medley relay and seventh in the 200 individual medley, tops among all Lady Warriors in the event. Neang was also second team all-league in 2013 and 2012 and honorable mention all-league in 2011.

Andrew Sparling, Senior

Sparling closed his senior season with a first place finish in the 200 freestyle relay, second in the 100 freestyle and third place in the 100 backstroke and 200 medley relay at the SEYL finals. The THS swimming standout is a four-time all-league first team selection. He was first team All-SSL his freshman and sophomore seasons and All-SEYL his junior year. Sparling was also a CIF Division I qualifier this year.

Megan Stout, Junior

The junior athlete finished the 2014 SEYL championships with a third place finish in the 400 freestyle relay, fourth place finish in the 200 freestyle relay, sixth place in the 500 freestyle and ninth in the 200 freestyle. Stout was second team All-SEYL in 2013 and second team All-SSL in 2012.

Kylee Blackburn, Sophomore

The second year Lady Warrior finished the SEYL final meet with a third place finish in the 400 freestyle relay and 100 backstroke, along with a fourth place finish in the 200 medley relay and 10th place finish in the 200 freestyle. Blackburn was second team All-SEYL her freshman season.

Teddy Diefenderfer, Sophomore

Diefenderfer had a strong meet in the SEYL championships, taking first in the 200 freestyle relay, third in the 200 medley relay, fifth in the 50 freestyle and eighth in the 100 freestyle. Diefenderfer is a first time selectee to the All-SEYL team and was a CIF Division I qualifier this year.

Sean Banks, Freshman

The freshman standout had one of the strongest meets of any THS athlete at the SEYL championships, finishing with a first place mark in the 100 breaststroke, second in the 200 individual medley and a pair of third place finishes in the 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay. Banks was also a CIF Division I qualifier this past season. Bakersfield College

Men's team standings: 1. Garces 528; 2. Tehachapi 487; 3. Highland 299.5; 4. East 199; 5. North 162.5; 6. Foothill 18.

Women's team standings: 1. Garces 502; 2. Highland 376; 3. East 315; 4. Tehachapi 280; 5. North 119; 6. Foothill 114.

200 Medley Relay -- Andrew Sparling, Sean Banks, Alan Michael Ayers, Teddy Diefenderfer (1:49.40 -- third), Kylee Blackburn, Noemi Lorenz, Vanessa Neang, Jasmine Delgadillo (2:25.00 -- fourth)

200 Freestyle: Zachary Gaylord (2:06.58 -- first), Andrew Bartels (2:11.01 -- third), Nigel Rosenberg (2:28.12 -- eighth), Joseph Budai (2:29.86 - 10th), Megan Stout (2:32.80 -- ninth), Kylee Blackburn (2:33.31 -- 10th), Makenna Panek (3:12.60 -- 20th), Shawnee Villarreal (3:17.56 -- 21st)

200 Individual Medley: Sean Banks (2:08.82 -- second), Josh Sparling (2:25.06 -- fourth), Andy Smith (2:33.62 -- seventh), Tyler Tyree (2:46.89 -- ninth), Vanessa Neang (2:47.99 -- seventh), Ariana Benham (3:48.84 -- 11th)

50 Freestyle: Alan Michael Ayers -- (24.33 -- third), Teddy Diefenderfer (25.20 -- fifth), Andrew Borst (26.27 -- 10th), Kyle Mathes Orr (28.59 -- 14th), Morgan Maiden (30.73 -- eighth), Martina Sevegnani (31.60 -- 11th), Jasmine Delgadillo (32.92 -- 15th), Ashley Bishop (33.71 -- 18th),

100 Butterfly: Alan Michael Ayers (59.29 -- fourth), Andy Smith (1:07.15 -- seventh), Joseph Budai (1:21.58 -- 11th), Megan Barnes (1:30.48 -- seventh), Emerson Fisher (1:39.12 -- 11th), Ariana Benham (1:45.27 -- 12th)

100 Freestyle: Andrew Sparling (54.04 -- second), Brayton Teare (56.67 -- sixth), Teddy Diefenderfer (57.37 -- eighth), Kyle Mathes Orr (1:03.50 -- 14th), Morgan Maiden (1:10.06 -- ninth), Jasmine Delgadillo (1:15.28 -- 13th), Makenna Panek (1:22.16 -- 18th), Noemi Lorenz (1:27.07 -- 20th)

500 Freestyle: Ethan Teare (5:48.89 -- third), Andrew Bartels (6:07.19 -- fifth), Nigel Rosenberg (6:53.96 -- eighth), Robert Whelan (6:59.78 -- ninth), Megan Stout (6:51.76 -- sixth), Amanda Stout (6:58.75 -- seventh), Emerson Fisher (7:51.90 -- 11th), Karoline Stephens (8:35.21 -- 15th)

200 Freestyle Relay: Teddy Diefenderfer, Andy Smith, Andrew Sparling, Alan Michael Ayers (1:38.38 -- first), Amanda Stout, Martina Sevegnani, Megan Stout, Morgan Maiden (2:06.95 -- fourth)

100 Backstroke: Andrew Sparling (1:00.34 -- third), Zachary Gaylord (1:07.61 -- sixth), Tyler Tyree (1:12.40 -- eighth), Robert Whelan (1:23.11 -- 12th), Kylee Blackburn (1:13.85 -- third), Amanda Stout (1:23.49 -- ninth), Martina Sevegnani (1:31.33 -- 11th), Karoline Stephens (1:33.75 -- 13th)

100 Breaststroke: Sean Banks (1:05.45 -- first), Brayton Teare (1:10.17 -- third), Andrew Borst (1:11.04 -- fourth), Ethan Teare (1:13.88 -- fifth), Vanessa Neang (1:26.28 -- third), Noemi Lorenz (1:31.11 -- 10th), Ashley Bishop (1:37.21 -- 12th), Shawnee Villareal (1:50.35 -- 14th),

400 Freestyle Relay: Zachary Gaylord, Brayton Teare, Andrew Bartels, Sean Banks (3:48.94 -- third), Megan Stout, Amanda Stout, Kylee Blackburn, Vanessa Neang (4:44.00 -- third)

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