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Horse Thief Women's Golf Clubwitnesses two hole-in-ones in one day

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Dianne Cooper, at left, and Aurelia Lazenby both managed a hole-in-one on Horse Thief Golf Course in Stallion Springs on Tuesday, March 4. Both are members of the Horse Thief Women's Golf Club. Photo courtesy of Susan Mueller

Tuesday morning, March 4, dawned like any other normal Horse Thief Women's Golf Club Play Day. Despite overcast skies and a nip in the air, it certainly was a day to throw your clubs in the car and head for Horse Thief Golf Club in Stallion Springs.

But, who knew that a little over an hour into the Play Day, two club members would hit their ball off the tee on #7, over the water and stand and watch that little white ball roll right into the cup?

It happened, and is a record for the Women's Club to have two women have a Hole In One on the same day.

For Dianne Cooper, this was her first. She said she hit her ball with a 7-iron over the water, watched it roll toward the hole, hit the flag and go in. She said it was wonderful and exciting.

Two foursomes later, Aurelia Lazenby, put her ball on a tee on #7, took out her 5-wood and swung. Maureen Riley, one of the ladies in Aurelia's group, shouted, "It went in the hole!"

Aurelia told her that she couldn't see that far and would believe it when she got there. Well, she believed it, alright. That little ball was in the hole.

This was the second hole in one for Lazenby but she said the excitement was just as great.

A hole-in-one doesn't happen often, but when it does, it is something to really celebrate. Congratulations, Dianne Cooper and Aurelia Lazenby!

Horse Thief Women's Golf Club plays every Tuesday at Horse Thief Golf Course in Stallion Springs.For more information, call the Pro Shop at 823-8571.

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