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The Roadrunner Connection: Taking a step back from the chaos

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Corey Costelloe

‘Keep Calm and Carry On.’ We’ve all seen the old war-time posters. Originally produced to distribute publicly in Great Britain in case of a Nazi invasion at the start of the Second World War, they never really saw the light of day. But, once they were discovered in archives years later, they’ve become a pop-culture icon while providing some great advice for us all.

That artwork has since made its presence known in clothing companies lately with several labels adopting the slogan and putting it on top-selling commercial goods. I think the time has come for the NCAA to adopt the mantra too.

Last week several more teams announced their intentions to change conferences, with one of them, Denver University announcing they were leaving the Western Athletic Conference in favor of the Summit League. That move affects us at CSUB, requiring more conference expansion on our end to ensure the WAC maintains the minimum amount of teams to receive an automatic qualifier spot in various NCAA Tournaments.

One of those expansion teams was announced almost immediately, Grand Canyon University, a team that will transition from NCAA Division II to Division I in order to make the move. Their involvement however doesn’t solve the numbers problem for the WAC quite yet, considering they won’t count as a Division I team in the NCAA’s eyes yet, meaning more teams are still needed before the 2013-14 season.

That’s where the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan fits in. Media members tend to smell blood in the water and some are trying writing a doomsday scenario for our conference even before we’ve played a single contest under the WAC banner. Fans start to panic wondering if that conference pie in the sky we worked so hard to attain will in fact crumble to pieces before we ever take a bite. Thankfully, those in control of the situation have a plan in place and will be acting on it shortly to ensure this conference not only survives but prospers.

It’s a great situation to be in actually, the last several big conference shake ups left CSUB (than an Independent) wondering where we would fit in, now as a member of the WAC in 2013, we’re just wondering how we’ll fit in. It’s a much better position to be in than the former that’s for sure.

But in this age of collegiate athletic instability with conferences forgoing geographical boundaries pulling teams from the west into the east and vice-versa, it’s reassuring to mutter those words back to yourself as a fan of the ‘Runners’…”Keep Calm and Carry On.”

We at CSUB Athletics will continue to do just that with business and usual this week, many teams are on the road or on holiday break but our women’s basketball team is at home on Dec. 7 hosting Cal. The Bears are nationally ranked so we’ll need all the support we can get at the Icardo Center that game tips at 7 p.m.

I’ll be on a road trip to South Dakota State next week, I’ll make sure I update you on happenings. Brookings South Dakota isn’t the edge of the Earth, but you can indeed see it from there.

COREY COSTELLOE, a Tehachapi High graduate, is Director of New Media and Broadcasting for California State University Bakersfield.

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