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The Roadrunner Connection: Enshrine your place in Kern County baseball history

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Corey Costelloe

Baseball is a nostalgic game; I think Joe Garagiola called it a “funny game” in his 1960s best-seller. We’re both right, nothing captures both the comedy and tragedy of life better than America’s Pastime.

We’ll leave the funny part for another day, today I’m writing about the nostalgia. While there isn’t much nostalgia related with CSUB’s baseball program, given it is only starting its fifth year of play this season, we’re giving folks the chance to build their own nostalgia, as we build our new stadium.

Hardt Field, the home of Roadrunner Baseball, is currently undergoing a seating project, replacing four years of temporary bleachers and rentals, with a new grand stand consisting of 750 gold chair back seats in the first phase of the project that will also eventually include luxury suites and press facilities.

Now here’s where fans can get involved. As part of the financing for this project, we’re inviting fans to put their name on a seat as part of our ‘Hardt Field Personalized Seat Initiative.’ For a donation of $1,000 or $1,500 per seat, payable over four years, your name, your company’s name, your family’s name, can be forever enshrined as part of this facility.

You see baseball is rarely enjoyed alone, it’s a social sport. Every American’s first memories of the game includes a parent, a relative or a friend, taking them to a game, buying a hot dog and some peanuts and watching the drama unfold. For many fans, those people may not be with them anymore, remaining only in memories. I hope this personalized seat program will be a way to keep that memory going as a tribute to the sport as well. How about putting the name of a friend, parent or loved one that enjoyed baseball in a place they will always be close to the game, at Hardt Field.

Whether you enjoyed ball games at Dodgers Stadium, the old Candlestick Park or a more-modern facility somewhere else in this great nation, let CSUB’s Hardt Field be a place you can transport those memories and enshrine them on a seat, one that will always be a part of the growing college-baseball tradition in Bakersfield. Maybe you can’t go to a game with dad anymore, but maybe you can make sure dad is always at the game.

Seats also include the first rights to season tickets in that spot every season for life, guaranteeing that your views will never change, although the players on the field eventually will. If you buy the one closest to the radio announcer’s booth on the top row, let me warn you; you’ll have to deal with my jabbering every game, but my wife has been dealing with it for several years now, so it can’t be that bad.

We hope you will consider being a part of this historic project aimed and bringing our own brand of nostalgia to baseball in Kern County. Information can be found online at or by calling 661-654-6226.

College baseball begins on Feb. 15-17. Let the nostalgic game begin.

COREY COSTELLOE, a Tehachapi High graduate, is Director of New Media and Broadcasting for California State University Bakersfield

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