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The Roadrunner Connection: From trailer to television

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Fox Sports 1 is launching next month and it's tabbed to be the West Coast answer to ESPN.

Meanwhile, ESPN answered back last week by announcing former anchor Keith Olbermann was returning to host an evening show on ESPN2 to counter the time slot Fox Sports 1 has given Regis Philbin.

With that in mind, now seems like a good time to make this announcement.

I, too, will have a "television" show starting in August. OK, sort of television show that is.

California State University Bakersfield Athletics announced last week that I'll be hosting an all-new "Roadrunner Rundown" -- a multimedia high-definition video show as part of a new partnership with The Bakersfield Californian and

"Roadrunner Rundown" was my baby when I started working at CSUB. It was a weekly radio show and Internet podcast that started with humble beginnings. It literally was recorded in a trailer. My first office on campus was in a "modular" and the first "studio" for 'Roadrunner Rundown' was my inherited dirty office and desk. A computer, a few shaky microphones, a guest chair and we got rolling.

We stepped it up a few years ago, moving into a new office space that used to be a team doctor's office.

I slapped some sound foam on the walls, changed the acoustics a little and the show moved right along interviewing student-athletes, coaches and the administrators who make the place tick. We caught up with athletes in the summertime, interviewed players-turned-professionals like Gyasi Zardes, all the while creating a decent following online and on air.

So, it was a few months ago that The Bakersfield Californian approached about putting the Roadrunners into their brand-new HDTV studios downtown and streaming the show on their website and ours. Of course, I couldn't resist, it was a chance to do something new and a chance to once again further the brand that is CSUB Roadrunner Athletics.

We filmed a pilot, I practiced my camera technique and then we signed the deal.

We'll launch on Tuesday, Aug. 13. The show will air live on and from 10 to 11 a.m. every Tuesday and, of course, be available on-demand on both sites during the week.

I'm excited for the next step in this show's evolution, we're honestly doing something on a format that itself is still evolving. There aren't many NCAA programs doing something like this either; and you know how we like to be on the cutting edge.

I'll make it fun, light and casual. I'm planning to wear jerseys and hats on the air from time to time. I mean, I'm not trying to look like Olbermann and Regis. Who says you have to wear a collar and tie on TV? It's time to rewrite the rules and blaze a trail in online television. I also plan to work in some new segments in which yours truly goes one-on-one athletically with some of the best CSUB has to offer.

Good thing my neighbor is my AFLAC agent.

So, I hope you all will watch like you read this column each week, feel free to drop in some feedback from time to time. I'm just happy we've been able to take the show to this level.

I guess you should never underestimate something that comes out of a trailer.

COREY COSTELLOE, a Tehachapi High graduate, is Director of New Media and Broadcasting for California State University Bakersfield.

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