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Horse Thief Women's Golf Club celebrates with Christmas, awards luncheon

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Winners of awards given by Horse Thief Women's Golf Club pose at the club's annual Christmas and awards luncheon on Dec. 11. In the back row, from left to right are Dede Potvin, Sharon Lozar, Aurelia Lazenby, Bettie Azevedo, Linda Cross, Dianne Cooper, Phyllis Walker-Long, Marilyn Wells; in the front row, from left to right, are Chris King and Janet Calaway. Photo courtesy of Susan Mueller

Maureen Reilly, second vice president of Horse Thief Women's Golf Club, stands with Stallion Springs Police Chief Mike Grant while he accepts the gifts for the Jamison Center at the club's annual Christmas and awards luncheon on Dec. 1. Photo courtesy of Susan Mueller

The Horse Thief Women's Golf Club held their annual Christmas/Awards Luncheon on Thursday, Dec. 11, at the 19th Hole of Horse Thief Country Club in Stallion Springs. The luncheon also celebrated the Club's 30th anniversary, having been established in 1983.

For years, the HTWGC held an annual golf tournament during which the club members put on a show for the 144 participating golfers. Bettie Azevedo had compiled a video of highlights of these many shows which ran during the luncheon and social hour. This video provided good memories of happy times within the club.

Each year, the women collect toys for the Stallion Springs Police Activities League for distribution at their annual Jamison Center Christmas party held at Woodward West in Stallion Springs. A table was piled with gifts which Chief Mike Grant, of the Stallion Springs Police Department, graciously accepted.

Following the luncheon, awards were presented to the winners of the various tournaments held throughout the year as well as weekly prize monies. Receiving tournament awards were as follows:

* Ace of the Year -- Chris King

* Most Improved Golfer -- Dede Potvin

* President's Cup

* Champion -- Dianne Cooper

* First Flight, first place -- Bettie Azevedo

Second place -- Melinda Keenan

Third place tie -- Aurelia Lazenby, Sharon Lozar

* Second Flight, first place tie -- Phyllis Walker-Long, Margie Williams

Second place -- Sandi Lambert

* Club Championship

* Champion -- Linda Cross

* First Flight, first gross -- Judy Theriault

* First net -- Dianne Cooper

* Second net -- Melinda Keenan

* Second Flight, first gross -- Dede Potvin

* First net -- Marilyn Wells

* Second net -- Phyllis Walker-Long

Horse Thief Women golf every Tuesday at Horse Thief Country Club in Stallion Springs.

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