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Little League teams move on to Tournament of Champions

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Tehachapi got off to a hot start in the TOC Saturday when Aaron Brian scored in the first of several runs in the first inning. Photos by Michael Duffy

Riley Thompson hit a triple on this trip to the plate in opening game of the Tournament of Champions Major division hosted by Tehachapi Little League.

Tehachapi Little League recently crowned their divisional and tournament champions for 2013, with the divisional winners moving on this week to play in the District 51 Tournament of Champions.

Divisional victors included the Cardinals (seniors), Nationals (majors), Dodgers (Upper Minors) and the Diamondbacks (Lower Minors).

The local tournament champions were the Padres (seniors), Padres (majors) and the A's (Upper Minors).

Little League softball division and tournament winners will be announced in next week's Tehachapi News.

The North District 51 TOC will be played through Wednesday of this week, with majors baseball and softball hosted by Tehachapi Little League.


Tehachapi to host Big League All-Star Tournament

Tehachapi Little League will be the host of the All-Star Big League Baseball division tournament July 1 through July 10, bringing the best nine teams from Southern California for a week long tourney. The winner of the tournament will move on to the regionals in Washington for a spot to play in the Little League World Series in Easley, South Carolina.


2013 Little League Baseball City Champions


Lower Minor Baseball (ages 7 to 9)


Division Champion -- Diamondbacks

Regular Season Record: 16-4

Roster: Kameron Westerby, Arden Kendrick, Mason Montoya, Tommy Orr, Hayden Liebman, Denver Kipp, Broc Redenius, Dillion Sanders, Joshua Medovitch, Michael Davis, Wyatt Baldwin, Dillion King; Manager: John Davis


Upper Minor Baseball (ages 9 to 11)


Division Champion -- Dodgers

Regular Season Record: 17-3

Roster: Issa Almardeni, Nicholas Boston, Matthew Rivera, Zach Daffern, Jackson Doue, Cooper Mello, Dylan Palmateer, Tyler Stevens, Samuel Grellana, Isaiah Geilenfeldt; Manager: Mike Palmateer


Tournament Champion -- A's

Regular Season Record: 8-12

Roster: Cody Urso, Tylar Love, Jack Wiehn, Charles Johnson, Bret Huisjen, Christian Nielsen, Haile Hughes, Caiden Salcido, Jackson Moody, Andrew Campbell; Manager: Kevin Love


Major Baseball (ages 10 to 12)


Division Champion -- Nationals

Regular Season Record: 18-2

Roster: Jarod Carol, Andrew Garcia, Cody Main, Kyle Cummings, Matthew Alshaer, Jayce Dominguez, Dylan Ragsdale, Jake Munoz, Tanner Love, Grant Cowan, Matthew Godde, Noah Ledesma; Manager: Mike Ledesma


Tournament Champion -- Padres

Regular Season Record: 16-4

Roster: Matthew Finklea, Daniel Atherton, Jamie Dayton, Cole Schroder, Andrew Boyd, J.T. Boyd, Luke Debruyne, Jacob Tye, Daniel Boesler, Riley Thompson, Garrett Curry, Aron Bryan; Manager: Matt Delio


Senior Baseball (ages 13 to 16)


Division Champion -- Cardinals

Regular Season Record: 13-3

Roster: Brett Walker, James Forbes, Jalen Wallace, Ben Dayton, Marty McIrvin, Zach Austin, Zach Sanders, Jake Cole, Peter Sturz, Connor Mathis, Tyler Metzler, Garrett Janney, Ryan Hanzel, Johnathan Jones, Yeager Jarrett, Nicolas Ledesma; Manager: Joe McIrvin


Tournament Champion -- Padres

Regular Season Record: 7-9

Roster: Connor Timm, Ramon Vasquez, Koby Klinnert, Michael Klinnert, Sean Manes, Luke Donckels, Steven Nielsen, Ryan Nielsen, Sagun Gainey, Parker Beswick, Brandon Alshaer, Luke Williams, Matt Estes, Cameron Walsh, Tyler Mata; Manager: Doug Donckles

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