• A horse enjoys the early spring grass.

    Critters: Animal life abundant in and around Tehachapi

    Cattle ranching has long been a part of the local economy; sheep are regularly brought to areas of our valleys for grazing. Wildlife is abundant in the area with sightings of deer and small mammals fairly common. A herd of American Elk are commonly seen in the Cummings Valley, Bear Valley Springs

  • This albino deer has been spotted in the Bear Valley Springs area near Tehachapi. Photo courtesy of Heidi Stone, originally published in Natural Sightings, a regular feature of the Tehachapi News.

    Plenty of opportunities for birding and wildlife viewing

    Tehachapi is rich territory for birdwatchers with a wide variety of habitat and more than 250 species to see. The Kern Audubon Society has a Tehachapi sub-chapter that sponsors events and has a helpful website that includes a downloadable local bird list and other resources: www.

  • Windswept Ranch

    Windswept Ranch, located just east of the Tehachapi wind farms, also owns alpacas, along with a variety of other exotic animals, including camels and reindeer. They offer petting zoos and other activities that are geared towards allowing children to experience the wonder of these gentle and

  • Feline Conservation Center

    Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's Feline Conservation Center, also known as the Cat House, is located in Rosamond, about 28 miles from Tehachapi (allow about an hour for the drive because of road conditions). Cat lovers of all ages who discover this desert zoo/wildlife museum are surprised

  • Alpacas abound in Tehachapi

    Alpacas originally were bred 5,000 years ago by the Incas for their fleece, which was reserved strictly for royalty. Today, alpacas are also raised in Tehachapi for their extraordinary coats. Fortunately you don’t need to be royalty to enjoy alpaca fleece, which has many advantages over fibers

  • Horse Lovers Love Tehachapi

    • Alpine Forest: 661-822-6525   (Alpine Forest Property Owners Association) Call the association to get a map. Alpine Forest is a great starting point for miles of rugged back country trails. • Bear Valley Equestrian Center: 26800 Bear Valley Road; 661-821-3690. The Equestrian Center has

  • Feeding the ostriches is a popular activity for visitors to Indian Point Ostrich Ranch. Photo courtesy of Indian Point Ostrich Ranch

    Indian Point Ostrich Ranch Welcomes Visitors

    Get nose to beak with the largest bird on earth at the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch. Nestled in the Cummings Valley the working ostrich ranch is one of the largest ranches in the Western United States. Established in 1992, the Indian Point Ostrich Ranch has been "wowing" visitors with its

  • Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Sand Canyon is just one place to see unique animals in the Tehachapi area.

    Equine rescue operations welcome visitors

    Tehachapi has numerous pet and animal rescue operations. See the “Tehachapi Pet & Rescue News” in the The Weekender (published Fridays) for an up to date list and animals available for adoption. Additionally, several horse rescue operations have facilities in the Tehachapi area which are open