Greg Garrett

Greg Garrett is Tehachapi's city manager.

Welcome to Tehachapi. We are honored that you have decided to explore our community further and experience what we have to offer visitors like yourself.

Tehachapi has long prided itself on quality of life and we have plenty of that to share. Whether you have come to our community to experience the downtown tourism assets of the city, or are embarking on an adventure in the surrounding areas, we hope you enjoy your stay.

As I mentioned, there are several areas of interest in Tehachapi. Every journey should start at our Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce on Tehachapi Boulevard or the Visitor Center located on the corner of Tehachapi Boulevard and Curry Street. It’s a part of award-winning Freedom Plaza, a project that honors our military with a monument for every branch of service. This project has earned several awards for its design and engineering and we are proud of what it represents.

The Visitor Center is manned by volunteers through the Tehachapi Tourism Commission and you’ll find they are passionate about Tehachapi and are a wealth of knowledge in just about every aspect of our community.

The historic Rail Depot Museum is another must-see for those interested in our train history and of course we have the Errea House and Tehachapi Museum, operated by our fabulous Heritage League. Learning about this community and our diverse history will give you more of an appreciation as you explore the surrounding natural beauty.

We’ve taken the quality of life initiative to the next level and attracted a robust cycling interest thanks to a network of bike paths around the area and the Lehigh Trails for those looking to enjoy mountain biking. Of course our special events, wineries, downtown shopping and restaurants are also a favorite for those just looking to soak up a little piece of small town America.

There is so much to offer here in both the City of Tehachapi and the Greater Tehachapi area that I hope you will find something that sparks your interest in these pages. We are very proud of our little town and are happy to share what makes Tehachapi great with all of you.

Welcome to Tehachapi; enjoy your stay.

Greg Garrett is Tehachapi's city manager.