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Driving horse “Jackarandam” stands at 16 hands. (A hand equals 4 inches.) “She is 18 years old and is of the Trakehner breed,” said her owner and driver Debbie Popolizo, at left. With them is friend and passenger Sherri Grace, right.

Tehachapi is definitely horse country, but facilities and available areas to ride are mostly private. Exceptions are trails in Mountain Park, operated by Kern County. Both Bear Valley Springs and Stallion Springs have extensive equestrian trails available for residents.

Rankin Ranch

Horseback riding is a favorite activity at the ranch (approximately one-hour trail rides, twice each day, except Sundays, the rides are in the morning only). This activity is available to guests age 6 and older (maximum weight 250 pounds). Many guests have never ridden before and some who own their own horses are experienced riders; however, all levels of riders enjoy the beautiful scenery and serenity one can experience while on the back of a horse.