As travelers head toward Tehachapi, a "Welcome to Tehachapi, the Land of Four Seasons" sign invites visitors to explore this mountain community. Current and new residents of Tehachapi come to know the truth of those words. The region is known throughout the area as a place with changing temperatures.

It is a place where you can experience fresh air, snow, rain and occasional low clouds at different times of the year, which can make the mountains look like another world.

At an elevation of some 3,970 feet (depending on exactly where you are) between the Mojave Desert and San Joaquin Valley, residents and visitors can spend a day away from the big city and away from much of the pollution that goes along with it. The wind is always present and provides renewable energy captured by the wind turbines.

According to Western Regional Climate Center, the average temperature throughout the seasons is anywhere between 42 degrees to 65 degrees. The rainfall for 2016 was 17.26 inches. Tehachapi is indeed a mountain community.