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Mortgage advisor Alysha Boles is ready to help with big decisions in real estate.

For almost everyone, buying a home requires the assistance of both a Realtor and a loan officer. For Lorena and I, joining forces to better support clients was a win-win. Our mutual support is at the core of how we serve and who we want to be for the community of Tehachapi.

Many might believe that the jury is still out on the age-old debate of whether we can have it all as wives, moms, boss ladies and community advocates. The past year has made it even more challenging for professional women to manage our time in the home-office, scattered with work paraphernalia, homeschool trappings, and the latest toddler “art” projects that may or may not have been created on said work paraphernalia.

Choosing to be a full-time working professional typically means sacrificing work, family, or community. Thankfully, more and more professional women are modeling myriad ways to have it all.

Lorena Semerenko of The Semerenko Team at Re/Max All Pro and I make a dynamic and synergistic team: Lorena brings her expertise as a savvy Realtor and I as a knowledgeable loan officer. Together, we offer unparalleled value to our community, clients and families. We feel privileged to help people make vital decisions of enduring importance.

For us, it’s not just business. It’s deeply personal: Our heart is in every transaction. Thankfully, we have incredibly supportive families who understand our work doesn’t conform to workweek standards. As honored as we are to have been voted among Tehachapi’s Best, earning this distinction at home is equally important to us.

How do we balance work and family?

Alysha: I don’t, always! Some days I crush it at work, other days with my home life. I figure it has to be a long-term average (haha). Measured daily, my success ratio might not be so high. Similarly, when I help clients strategize the best mortgage plan, it’s not about one day -- it’s about the big picture.

Is one more important than the other?

Lorena: Maintaining a work-life balance requires constant adjustments, compromises and sacrifices. Putting my family before work is my priority, but honestly… it doesn't always feel like my reality. I do my best to make daily, intentional decisions to honor my family before my work.

What does it mean to you to be part of Tehachapi’s Professional Women?

Lorena: Being a successful Tehachapi woman in business means making time for my family, friends and myself, while creating value at work. It means breathing my passion into my day to day.

Alysha: This is my hometown. I grew up around amazing women who still serve our community today. As a child, I was proud to serve as Rodeo Queen, Warrior Cheerleader, and Sierra 49er. As a professional woman, I’m honored to partner with old and new friends and continue to strive to be a model to our community, part of its culture and lead the next generation.