The August “Take Your Best Shot” Photo Contest hosted by Tehachapi Valley Arts Association was a huge success and we would like to thank all of the photographers for submitting another outstanding collection of work for the show!

Congratulations to Best of Show winner Jim Carmichael for his photo in the People category, "Old Photos."

The show it will be on display through Aug. 30 at Gallery ‘N’ Gifts located at 100 W. Tehachapi Blvd.

Best of Show: Jim Carmichael, “Old Photos”


1st: Nancy Wilkinson

2nd: Kiera Judkins

3rd: Vincent Hernandez

Honorable mention: Maralee Hill

Honorable mention: Rob Meszaros

Black & White

1st: Francoise Renard

2nd: Mikailey Judkins

3rd: Silent Wolf

Honorable mention: Kiera Judkins

Honorable mention: Naomi Torres

Landscape & Nature

1st: Vincent Hernandez

2nd: Jim Carmichael

3rd: Bob V

Honorable mention: Randy Myers

Honorable mention: Randy Myers


1st: Jim Carmichael

2nd: Nancy Wilkinson

3rd: Naomi Torres

Honorable mention: Christine Odom

Honorable mention: Rob Meszaros


1st: Rob Meszaros

2nd: Randy Myers

3rd: Rick Hetzet

Honorable mention: Christine Odom

Honorable mention: Jim Carmichael

Youth Photography

1st: Brooklyn Reagan

2nd: Brooklyn Reagan

3rd: Mikailey Judkins

Gale Caldwell is president of TVAA.