In their ongoing effort to control the catfish population in the lakes of Bear Valley Springs, the Bear Valley Springs Association has hosted a Catfish Catching Derby. All community members and their guests were invited to fish over the three-day Labor Day weekend.

The only rule to the derby was that no catfish caught were to be released into the lakes. Whiting Center Recreation Manager Debbie Papac said “catfish in our community lakes are not native. They tend to breed rapidly and by so doing, become invasive to our native fish population of bluegills, bass and carp.”

As an added incentive, anglers' photos taken of their catches could be sent to the Association's Whiting Center, where they were eligible to be entered in any of six categories. Prizes were awarded and will be available for pick-up at the Whiting Center.

The six categories of judging were: most catfish caught, ugliest face, best picture, longest whiskers and best family (catfish fishing) photo.