Charisse specializes in equine art with a contemporary, western flare.

Tehachapi resident Charisse Rudolph @ Charisse Fine Art spent July 28 to Aug. 1 at the LA Art Show. Here she shares some of her reflections from the show.

“It was a big honor to have my art accepted at such a prestigious art show," wrote.

The show had been rescheduled from its original date, which was late in the month of January 2021. There was a good amount of people, but half as many galleries as usual. The galleries from Europe were not allowed into the United States, so they were not present. The LA Art Show had food vendors and plenty to drink. Arnold Schwarzenegger was there on Sunday. Although it was smaller this year because of COVID-19, there was still a good turnout.

Charisse sold two of her favorite paintings, “Wisdom” and “Come Together.” She received 128 hits on her web page, made a load of contacts and learned a lot about the whole process of a high-caliber art show.

“There was a lot to experience and learn," said Charisse. For instance, packing art so nothing breaks, how to haul your art, when to sit back, and when to speak up when a client is showing interest, what happens when the internet is not hooked up and a customer wants to purchase a painting. (Yes that happened, and I almost had a stroke!)”

Her son Chase was able to join her, she said, because Charisse couldn’t have done it without him.

Charisse shared that she was interested in hearing so many people talk about their favorite paintings and how the paintings made them feel. She said there was laughter and tears, and she had more people than she could count mention they felt pure joy and love. Some people said they just wanted to stand in the good feeling energy that her paintings emit. Some people said Charisse Fine Art was their favorite art in the show. “n this show the paintings of mules and the buffalo were the favorites.

Charisse specializes in equine art with a contemporary, western flare. If you are interested in originals, prints, or merchandise, go to her webpage at and be sure to add your name to her list to be notified about raffles, newsletters, or get her free e-book.

Charisse will be displaying her art in Bear Valley Springs in September when the Cultural Arts Association holds its annual art show. Charisse hopes to see you there.