The first two Tehachapi Beautiful Awards were given to two longtime homeowners in the city of Tehachapi. The Tehachapi Beautiful Awards is simply a recognition award for homeowners showing pride in their properties.

Socorro and Carl Schmidt received a Tehachapi Beautiful Award to display in their lovely yard on the 200 block of West Valley Boulevard. The Schmidts have lived in this home since 1954. They have put in hard work along the way and have maintained its appearance for their neighborhood.

Nancy and Andy Cortez also received a Tehachapi Beautiful Award for their dedication and hard work keeping their property on the 200 block of N. Green Street alive in color. Their yards take on themes from places they have visited throughout their lives and there is a story to tell for all of it along the way. The home and property have been in the Cortez family since 1921. The home was built by Andy’s grandfather.

The Tehachapi community can nominate a property for its beauty by sending an email to