Have you ever watched a movie and wondered what happens to the set furnishings after the film production crew calls it a wrap? A new home furnishing business, DECO du JOUR, recently opened its doors in Tehachapi, bringing a piece of the Hollywood pie with it.

In addition to hard-to-find furniture pieces, DECO du JOUR has a smattering of set prop pieces from film companies such as Warner Bros. and NBC.

Some of the featured pieces came from the "Game of Thrones" and from Dr. Phil McGraw's own home after he and his wife decided to redecorate.

"We've opened the store by playing it safe: neutral colors and mid-range priced furniture items to get things moving and our name out there. Now that we understand more what Tehachapi generally likes and met so many wonderful people in the process, we are taking our store to the next level with J. Edwards Furniture and Uttermost: Revelation," said Gina Dumania, DECO du JOUR owner along with her partner, Shawn Bineau, who are originally from Los Angeles but have been living in Stallion Springs for the past year.

Dumania said she loves helping her clients put their visions together when it comes to home furnishings.

"I love giving them tips and advice on how to decorate their home," she said.

What she loves even more is locating eclectic pieces for her clients since she has a lot of connections in the film industry as a former production accountant.

"We left the big city of LA, but we didn't leave our contacts, our sources, that enable us to get those kind of items that people really like and find beautiful," Bineau said. "That's what we want to offer to Tehachapi, something for everyone. We've started two new lines, but we will always continue to be on the hunt for rare pieces that people don't see every day."

DECO du JOUR will be slowly introducing to its showroom a wide selection of fun accessories for the home and for personal use and/or gifts such as vintage costume jewelry, new Western women's apparel from brands such as Adikted and Cowgirl Up, designer vintage shoes like Chanel, a variety of purses, a new children's boutique-brand clothing, books and a galore of pillows. 

Said Gina, "We also will begin showcasing patio furniture since the weather is fairly warm. Along with our installation of our indoor 'catio' with our two superstar cats: Mishka the Bengal and Vebe the fluffy domestic. We have a lot of exciting things lined up for Tehachapi!"

Customer Andronica Perkins writes of DECO du JOUR, "OMG! Customer service is amazing, the furniture pieces are also priced perfectly. I got an awesome stool for my laundry room for $50 bucks and it accents the room with perfection. This place is a must see!"

Marjorie Rojas also praised DECO du JOUR, writing, "I enjoy coming to DECO du JOUR. They have great, new, beautiful merchandise... I always go home with something special."

Marilyn Kagley, who gave DECO du JOUR five stars, wrote, "... The showroom was arranged with one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. There was definitely something for everyone. I immediately scoped out an awesome sectional couch... Gina and Shawn delivered to my house in BVS and set it up... It looks fantastic and I get lots of compliments."

Visit DECO du JOUR at 831 Tucker Road. Hours of operation are 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays, and closed Mondays. Call 450-8616 for more information.

This story has been updated to correct the spelling of DECO du JOUR and the store's address.