Martha Cortes and her husband, Rafael, are ready to serve you at Domingo's.

Back in 2013, when Tehachapi thought it would be losing Domingo’s, a longtime beloved Mexican restaurant, it was saved by Martha Cortes and her two bothers, Juan and Edgar Corona. The brothers were already working at the restaurant at the time. Martha and her husband, Rafael, experienced in the restaurant business where they lived and worked in Pasco, Wash., made the decision, along with Juan and Edgar, to make Domingo’s their family business.

Martha has always had a great love and passion for cooking and sharing it with people. Knowing that the restaurant was already established and loved by the locals, they decided together that they would buy Domingo’s and make it their own on March 13, 2014. Since that day, Domingo’s has grown. Tehachapi locals began to return to the restaurant and the regulars have enjoyed the food and service even more!

With all of Martha’s hard work and dedication and that of her siblings, Domingo’s once more became a Tehachapi family favorite, It’s a wonderful place to have a great meal with your family and friends. As of March 13 of this year we celebrated seven years since the family made the decision to buy the restaurant and take their place in the community.

Domingo’s is located in Old Towne. Come check out our relaxed atmosphere and find your favorite Mexican dish on our menu. We’re looking forward to serving you.