Dorner Family Vineyard opened its 6,000-square-foot custom-built wine making facility in Cummings Valley on Friday, complete with a tasting room, an indoor banquet hall, gift shop and a full kitchen facility on the upper floor level of the two-story structure. Downstairs is the wine blending and aging area, along with a complete bottling operation.

Outside on this lower level is a patio area just right for socializing and listening to live music. The large patio provides plenty of oak tree created shade. The entire building has numerous side decks with chairs and tables. Scattered among the walkways are many smaller, more intimate, seating areas, conducive to social distancing guidelines.

Growing and harvesting their own grapes along with in-house blending, aging and finally the bottling of their own wines, all done on site, gives them the distinction of being the only “vintner” in the Tehachapi wine making community.

The building process started in 2013 and has been “long and at times challenging,” said co-owner Mike Dorner. “My wife, Michelle, and I wanted a European-style building but at the same time it needed to blend in with our many beautiful old oak trees."

The Dorners have for many years been using their operation as a conference site and wedding venue. Its landscape with its old barn front, gardens and outdoor reception area are especially popular in the spring and summer months.

“It all ties in nicely now with our tasting room secluded, but just steps away from the wedding site," Dorner said.

The tasting room is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Homemade sandwiches and desserts, as well as tasting platters, are available. For additional information and photos of the tasting room and its surrounding grounds, go to or call 823-7814.

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