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Women often in an unplanned pregnancy and at the crossroads of choosing between abortion or life are the very ones who walk through our doors, afraid and alone. We offer them the resources, skills and community to succeed.

Unapologetically Christian, the Family Life Pregnancy Center, along with a loyal army of supporters, volunteers and local churches, has been standing at these crossroads waiting and watching for these women and men for over 30 years. Together, we have reached hundreds of women and their babies with the loving embrace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our practical, effective mission is to extend hope to the hopeless, strength to the powerless, and community to those who find themselves alone. Our doors are always open to any parent regardless of their circumstances, their challenges, and ultimately their choice.

Located in Tehachapi, The Family Life Pregnancy Center is specifically dedicated to meeting the needs of women facing a pregnancy decision. As an affiliate of one of the nation's largest pro-life organizations, Care Net, our pregnancy center has access to the most relevant, up-to-date sources to equip and empower women to not only choose life but life abundant.

About the staff: Each one of us hoped God might use us to make a difference for the marginalized, hurting, and lost. We wanted to believe in the transforming power of community and fellowship. We were not disappointed, although unprepared, to find that those needing us bettered our lives as much or more as we bettered theirs.

That God is love and love is God, we should have no doubt. How else can it be explained that the more one pours out, the fuller the cup. Live life with a full cup.

To learn more about the center, please visit our website:, or call 661-823-8255.