Here at the start of a new year, Tehachapi Friends of the Library is looking forward to a year’s worth of events and programs for the Tehachapi community. The library continues to have programs for kids and teens including Storytime, children’s crafts and Bark and Books, along with book clubs (including virtual book clubs). It is also a place to meet up with others in the community with similar interests, such as the Got Yarn group. The Friends of the Library also has a small coffee bar where you can stop in for a cup of coffee.

To help our local branch library provide all these services, Friends of the Library volunteers raise money with book sales and other activities. And we can always use more volunteers.

Every week there are teams of volunteers that get together at the library to process all the books that the community donates. Yes, we get enough books every week so that these volunteers keep busy cleaning and sorting the books. (And thanks for all these donations.) So if you can help out with four hours a month from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., we’d love to have you join the crew.

If that’s too much time, then there are also plenty of other tasks you can still help out with. If you’re able to help move books, then we need people a couple times a month to help “lift” and move books. This would only take roughly 30 minutes a trip and can be scheduled any time the library is open. We also have need for lifting and moving boxes in preparation for one of our big sales. These typically occur in May and October and the lifters would be needed the Friday before the sale for a couple of hours to help get things set up the the sale.

But even if these tasks don’t work in your schedule, there are still ways you can help. For example, some volunteers help with online book sales from home. These people list some of the higher-priced books on sites like ebay, or Amazon, etc. (Shipping materials are provided.) In addition, we could use someone to help out with our social media accounts.

And if you’re not sure that these tasks fit your skills or schedule, get in touch with the Friends of the Library and see how else you might be able to help out. Please call or text 661-750-2818 or email to volunteer.

Mark Fisher is with Friends of the Library.

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