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Have A Heart Humane Society focuses on rescue, adoption, reducing overpopulation and community outreach to pet owners.

The organization Have A Heart Humane Society was started by the late Chelley Kitzmiller in 2010 and has been run by a core of dynamic, caring and resourceful women since that time. A volunteer group that is always working toward the goal of improving the lives of domestic animals in the Tehachapi area and eastern Kern County in general, Have A Heart focuses on rescue, adoption, reducing overpopulation and community outreach to pet owners. It’s hard work.

The president of the Have A Heart board of directors is Carol Larimore, a woman whose life has centered around the well-being of animals of all kinds — oh, the stories she could tell! She runs the adoption of the rescued animals, oversees the daily operation of the resale shop that funds the organization, and is our “dog specialist.” Another woman who is found at headquarters on a daily basis is Gina Christopher, daughter of the founder, a real dynamo and our “cat coordinator“ and “feline expert.” Cindy Lawler can be found there daily also, writing grants and fostering critters who get good homes. Other board members are volunteers who work hard on varied schedules, and two of the total seven on the board are hard-working men!

In a constant effort to raise funds to fund the affordable spay and neuter clinics that the rescue has been known for, and to support rescue and adoptions, the resale shop presents wonderful items from generous public donations, has periodic fundraising events, always carries Sees Candy and Dewar's Candy for sale, and provides pet food to the public in need when they can.

There are two scholarships presented for Tehachapi High School seniors annually and an outreach to the elementary school students regarding responsible pet ownership. New associates and volunteers are welcome — and needed — come join our ranks!