The pandemic has caused lots of pain and tragedy, but some people have responded by reexamining their lives and developing new skills. Krista Oberg Kenehan, who was raised in Tehachapi (THS Class of '84), is one of those.

Krista always loved art, but focused on other things. When the pandemic took away her status as a hairdresser for more than a year, however, she took the time to explore her artistic side and fell in love with watercolor painting.

Krista, who lives in Huntington Beach with her husband of 27 years, Tim, and her children Jack, 20, and Jeanne, 18, often chooses subject matter from her hometown of Tehachapi. Among her works are many familiar Tehachapi landmarks and landscapes.

Krista is the daughter of Lars and Barbara Oberg and she often returns home to Tehachapi to visit family and friends. She will have a booth featuring her watercolors at this year's Tehachapi Mountain Festival, and she is looking forward to seeing friends, acquaintances and visitors who attend the artisan portion of the Festival. Booths are placed in the streets surrounding Phil Marx Central Park and are open Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy this year's festival, and check out the works of Krista and other craftspeople and artists who will gather for Tehachapi's biggest annual event.