What better way to welcome a new year than to create a lovely calendar celebrating the many beautiful sites which are home to Tehachapi? Local artist Judith Campanaro is offering a collection of 12 original paintings featuring Tehachapi and capsulized in a 2021 calendar.

"With COVID, I was home a lot — well we all were. So, I used the year to paint scenes of Tehachapi using photographs from local people like Andi Hicks, Mel White, Sandy Sanford and Joseph Rooney, who were so kind, and I took photographs myself," said Campanaro.

After selecting the 12 preferred scenes of Tehachapi, Campanaro got busy painting the art for her calendar.

"My contribution is so minimal to her creativity. I think that people should buy Judith's calendar. She did a great job and I am glad that she did it, and I hope that a lot more people see it," said Andi Hicks, who supplied the Water Tower and Poppy Field photos for the calendar.

Having a desire to keep the production of the calendar local, Campanaro approached South Street Digital to print it for her.

In addition, she made notecards of the paintings as well as wooden postcards that can be mailed and are available at Tehachapi Treasure Trove.

"It's kind of a collector item. I made 100 copies, and have 10 left," Campanaro said, adding that she is willing to generate a second printing she should receive additional orders for her calendar.

"For me, it was a work of love. It really solidifies my love for Tehachapi because I learned about each building that I painted," Campanaro said.

The calendar includes a description of each painting and the history of the subject.

Previously, Campanaro created a color book titled "Color Me Tehachapi." 

"A school teacher bought all of them for her class," Campanaro said.

As a world traveler, and now a resident of Tehachapi for the past six years, Campanaro said she has opted to settle in our mountain community.

"We take care of each other, especially during these difficult times. People are always reaching out, calling you to see if you are OK or if you need anything. It is a community that cares," Campanaro said.

Before COVID hit, Campanaro was teaching painting classes at several venues, including Tehachapi Treasure Trove. However, since the lockdown, she has reverted to teaching online. Her classes are offered by donation only as Campanaro said she is more worried about her students getting the benefits of art.

Said Hicks: "She took what could have been just an average picture that nobody would ever see — a kind of run-of-the-mill thing, and turned it into a piece of art that can be memorialized forever. I bought one of her paintings, the one with the mailboxes, and it hangs on my wall."

The calendar sells for $20. The notecards sell for $2.50 or six for $12, and the wooden postcards sell for $5. For more information about her calendar or classes, contact Judith Campanaro via text at (646) 896-4434 or email at judithcampanaro@gmail.com.