In the wake of the coronavirus, local children's author Gabriele Rose de Ginant wanted nothing more than to create a beautiful haven for the world to retreat.

To combat the drama of the outside world, de Ginant said she often likes to escape to the enchantment of her daydreams. It is there that she came up with the idea for her sixth book, "My Camelot."

"All the Camelot stories that are out there, they are full of violence, fighting, darkness and killing. In 'My Camelot,' there is no darkness at all. There is only beauty, joy, love and a way of living that does not involve all the drama," said de Ginant, who was born in Worms, Germany. She now resides in her cozy home in the foothills of Tehachapi.

According to the author, her latest book came out just at the right time as the virus hit the world.

Although there was a delay in publishing her book due to the pandemic, de Ginant said she was overjoyed with its arrival, and has received glowing compliments for the finished piece of work, which measures 12 by 24 inches.

Unlike her other books, de Ginant said she decided to publish the book herself due to its 19 oversized pages that fold out and feature her own whimsical illustrations of what her Camelot looks like as it goes through each of the seasons of the year.

"You can take it to bed at night, and fold it out over your covers and dream with it," said de Ginant.

In the introduction of "My Camelot," de Ginant writes: "The Misty Isle of Avalon: This is were it all began... A mysterious island, shrouded in a glowing mist, known by only some — seen by just a few."

The finished piece can be considered a coffee table book, or a picture book, filled with stunning drawings of the Maiden of Misty Willow Lake, the Maiden of Wisteria, the Queen of Camelot Meadow, Life in the Enchanted Forest and more.

"The book practically wrote itself, and the pages just flowed from my hands," said de Ginant.

When asked what she wants most for the world, de Ginant said, "Dare to dream big."

In her afterword, she writes, "...Creating this book gave me total freedom to share with you my hope, desire and vision for a truly new 'Camelot,' of our future."

The book includes a charming foreword, written by her son, Steven L. West, who wrote, "Camelot resides only in the dreams and imagination of those who believe in it."


"After reading 'My Camelot', I fell in love with Gabriele's unique expression of art and her poetic writing style. One can see that her passion and creativity show through on each amazing page. I can't wait until the next book. Simply stunning," said Wendy Wilson, Esg.pages

"It is rare, indeed, to come across an artist like Miss de Ginant. Her whimsical style and incredible passion can be easily gleaned from the pages of all of her books. 'My Camelot' truly helped me envision a Camelot of my own, without the trappings of predictability," said G.E. Perlin, author/musician/artist.

"Like in her previous books, she blends wisdom with written words, and beauty with her delicate and delightful illustrations. The uniqueness of this book, with 19 full-size fold out pages is remarkable! Again, an art/literary work of delight to all the senses," said Boris Michalson, art and literary connoisseur.

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