Maybe it's been a little bit harder to be good this year — you've had to stay home from school, you've not spent as much time with your friends. But we hope you've been good!

Never fear — Santa will still be here!

Tehachapi News invites its young readers to pen their letter to Santa. Come to think of it, this isn't a contest, so really anyone of any age can send a letter. Why not?

What would you like Santa to bring this year? Perhaps a new doll, a race car, a ball or a bike?

We plan to publish a selection of letters received from young and old in the community in the Dec. 23 edition. Some may even publish before then, depending on how many are sent to Tehachapi News. (We're pretty sure Santa Claus reads Tehachapi News and will see your wishes!)

So mail or drop them off (there's a slot in the front door) so they're received by 5 p.m. Dec. 15. The address is: Tehachapi News, 411 N. Mill St., Tehachapi, CA, 93561. Contact Tehachapi News at 822-6828 for more information.

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