With current troubled times involving COVID-19 along with mandated social distancing restrictions, churches have faced new challenges for religious study and pastoral gatherings. Houses of worship have had to find new methods to communicate.

Adversity breeds inventiveness, and the Shepherd of the Hills Church in Cummings Valley has adapted a unique way to meet this current challenge. Sunday services are, for now, streamed to parishioners via YouTube. The challenge was how to continue the church’s twice-weekly Prayer and Bible Study meetings.

The church’s electronic and digital coordinator, Matt Sgherzi, met with Senior Pastor Jeff Kaplan about this need and the idea for a drive-in style meeting was born. 

“With the help of a small low power FM radio transmitter, church parishioners could drive into our parking lot, remain in their cars and by tuning their car radios to 87.9 FM listen to our associate pastors as they led prayers and Bible study from a lectern just outside the front doors of the church," Sgherzi said.

Adversity led to challenge. Now at its fourth meeting and highly praised by all who attend, a steady increase of vehicles is being seen each week.

“We are here as a church to spread our light in the midst of despair and hopelessness. With God's grace, we offer renewed hope. We are using every means available to getting God’s message out in spite of our restrictive confines," said Shepherd of the Hills Senior Pastor Jeff Kaplan.

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