Tehachapi Valley Arts Association and Gallery ‘N’ Gifts’ annual “Art in the Classroom” campaign was a huge success.

After hosting several local community fundraising events such as handcraft vendor fairs, photo contests and Chalk on the Walk, TVAA got the word out to local teachers that art supplies would be available to them. It took a week of collecting wish lists from more than 55 local teachers, organizing requests and ordering supplies to pull the campaign together, resulting in donations worth $2,500.

UPS arrived at Gallery ‘N’ Gifts day after day for two weeks rolling in huge dollies filled with boxes of art supplies.

“Unboxing all of the supplies, sorting them out and getting them ready for pick-up is a lot of work, but it’s very exciting to see tangible results of our fundraising efforts. The creative thank you notes from the kids in the classrooms makes it all worthwhile,” said TVAA President Gale Caldwell.

“Our community is so great about supporting our events," she said. "It’s a wonderful two-way street, the more support we get for our events, the more art supplies we can donate to help keep art in the classroom, which directly benefits the school kids in our community.”