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Moderator Nancy Frank is congratulated upon her election by Pastor Keslinn Kohfeld-Stout.

Tehachapi Community Church United Church of Christ holds an annual meeting each year at the end of January to review the past year, elect officers and adopt a budget for the new year. Nancy Franklin was elected moderator, and she reviewed the progress of the past year and offered encouragement for the new year.

The past few years have been difficult for the church as it has been for many churches as they followed COVID restrictions. TCCUCC had interim pastors for the past two years since their beloved Pastor Nancy Bacon retired. They are happy with the current interim pastor, Keslinn Kofeld-Stout, who arrived last September. With her leadership, progress is being made to rebuild the membership and find resources to reach out to the community.

Moderator Franklin noted how generous the congregation has been with their gifts and service. Patrick Pine, chair of the Trustees, especially recognized the contribution of Chris Fickes, who repeatedly donates his time and expertise to repair and maintain church property. Fickes was presented with a plaque of appreciation, which was met with loud applause from the congregation.

Treasurer Joanne Beckett projected a balanced budget, which allows the church to meet its obligations even as utility costs and other needs have risen. The budget was quickly approved, and Beckett was highly praised for her work.

The annual meeting of 2023 was a success and members anticipate another good year in which we continue to grow spiritually and in numbers.

Phyllis Belcher is a member of the church.

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