Located at 110 S. Green St., the historic BeeKay Theatre is the site of Tehachapi Community Theatre productions.

The Tehachapi Community Theatre has added some new directors to its 2020 board, and with them come new ideas.

Recently elected to the board is Chris Morales, vice president, Doug Jockinsin, executive producer, and Andi Hicks, secretary.

Continuing their volunteer service to both TCT and the community are Gary Mazzola, president, Fran Riggs, treasurer, Lewis Brown, box office manager, and Kenny Chugg, managing producer.

As with all of California's entertainment venues, TCT productions were forced to cease at the historic BeeKay Theatre at the start of the pandemic, one week before "Nunsense" was scheduled to open.

During the lockdown, board members have been working hard at fine tuning the business portion of the community theater.

"The BeeKay has been hard at work updating our bylaws and our policies and procedures handbook. These will be made available both in print and on our updated website very soon," said Johnna Palmer, promotions committee.

According to Riggs, the pandemic has actually helped TCT grow into its roots. 

"It gave us a chance to say we have 50 years behind, and we need to make sure we can go forward for the next 50 years a good, solid base that provides guidance," Riggs said.

In addition, TCT has been working on redesigning its website to make it more user friendly.

"It's coming together nicely. We have been working really hard doing stuff, and getting organized," said Mazzola.

With the exception of membership dues, revenue for the acting outfit also ceased with the cancellation of 2020 productions. However, there was a silver lining in this cloud that saved the day.

When Riggs joined the board in 2018, she suggested money raising ideas, including hosting the Night of 100 Stars Gala to celebrate TCT's 50th anniversary last October.

"It really carried us through this year," Riggs said of the Gala, which raised more than $13,000.

Money raised has also helped set up live-streaming programs for the theater.

Said Mazzola, "If it hadn't been for the Gala, we would really be in trouble right now."

According to Mazzola, TCT is planning a telethon for December. In the near future, TCT will be calling for short videos from the public highlighting talent in the form of singing, performing, comedy skits, etc.

"We have a lot of new ideas, and people are coming up with new ones every day," Mazzola said.

In the next few months, TCT is also planning on doing live-streaming in place of live productions. The theater will remain closed until it is deemed safe by the governor to reopen.

Said Mazzola, "Even when they say it is safe to reopen, there are still going to be people out there who will want to take it a little slower." 

Said Palmer, "Our J Street location got some much-needed TLC this past weekend with a massive clean up thanks to our lovely volunteers."

Mazzola encouraged the public to continue pledging membership to the theater, to keep things afloat.

"We could sure use the backup right now," he said.

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