“As much as this may make you angry or, in reality, hurt your heart . . . this is a book you should read,” said the winner of the 2008 American Book Award and seven-time winner of the NAACP Image Award, Nikki Giovanni. The book, "ENOUGH 'Say Their Names . . .' Messages from Ground Zero to the World," released Oct. 31, in response to struggles for equal justice.

This summer, while sheltering in place, two local poets, Annis Cassells and Anke Hodenpijl, collaborated with six other authors from various parts of the country to write a social justice anthology of art, photography and poetry.

Their charge was to document and creatively respond to protest board-up art and photography. The writings capture the tone and urgency of America’s struggles for justice with fresh, compelling and diverse perspectives for readers of all levels.

Cassells and Hodenpijl, along with several authors from the project, will take part in a presentation and reading of the poetry and prose of ENOUGH “Say Their Names…” over Zoom, on Thursday, Nov. 19 from 7 to 8 p.m.

Long-time friends and members of Writers of Kern, Cassells and Hodenpijl answered the call for authors. They immediately sorted through hundreds of photos to choose just the right ones that reflected the movement through their eyes.

“I was excited and honored to be included,” said Hodenpijl. “It’s not often we get a chance to make a difference in such a positive way, with such a qualified team.”

As Giovanni stated, “You will not get ENOUGH of the truth.”

To register for ENOUGH, “Say Their Names”—A Poetry Reading, please email anke@ankehodenpijl.com. When requesting registration, include your first and last name, phone number, and email address. The Zoom link will be sent only to those who have registered.

For a preview of the striking photos and excerpts, and to order the book, visit enoughsaytheirnames.com.

Annis Cassells, MA, is a life coach, speaker and writer.

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