nancy waldron

Nancy Waldron

“Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." - John Quincy Adams

In psychology, patience is used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast. Whatever situation she encounters, Nancy Waldron exhibits strength and stability. No matter the task, in her own quiet way she gets the job done in a seemingly effortless manner. Thank you, Nancy, for reminding us that the ability to follow life’s natural rhythm and let things flow is a trait worth seeking.

Waldron has lived in Tehachapi since 1998, when her job in Northern California transferred her to Bakersfield. Waldron said she has always lived near mountains so she chose Tehachapi as her base. She has never regretted her decision. She loves the four seasons, the small-town feel, the friendly people, and most of all, the art community.

Waldron’s mother was a Girl Scout leader and she instilled in Waldron a love for crafts. In the '80s, Waldron learned tole painting and, along with her mother, took oil painting classes.

Waldron soon found she liked acrylics better and painted on everything she could find, even saws. Her work was popular and she sold at shows and art fairs. After moving to Tehachapi, she studied with David Rheinhart and watercolor became her favorite medium.

Said Waldron, “Watercolor is a passion for me. It teaches patience. The layers have to dry in-between just like in life. When I paint in my studio by myself, I'm in my own little meditative world.”

Her words are a valuable reminder, in our often fast-paced world, to stay grounded in our own stillness, trusting the process to move us to a perfectly crafted outcome. Patience is a virtue.

Waldron grew up in San Jose. She met her husband on a 4th of July weekend. He came with friends, but he and she were the only singles at the party. They started dating and got married in 1990. After their marriage, they moved to Morgan Hill. She worked for an insurance company until she retired. Her company often transferred her throughout her tenure. Waldron’s husband was in construction and so was able to travel with her. The consistency of her career is most impressive. So many people want a big breakthrough or instant success. They may change jobs several times over the course of their working life.

Waldron found it validating to stay with her chosen profession. In the process, she was rewarded with authenticity and the ability to continually break through to new areas of fulfillment. Her innate ability to follow life’s natural rhythm and flow with the tide has enabled her to create a life where she is free to be herself in safety and joy. And now she is a loving and contributing member of our community.

She has been with the Treasure Trove since they opened in 2012, and works there every Wednesday. She not only markets her art, but often offers classes and workshops.

When she’s not at home, she loves to travel. Waldron likes to go on vacations, which include art experiences. She has taken workshops around the U.S. and Europe. Her favorite one was held in Italy and France. She brings home what she learns when she teaches new workshops and classes.

Waldron loves to be around other artists and to expand her circle of friends. She says art is the highlight of her life and has always been a thread in everything she has done.

“I feel it is a healthy thing to do. It gives you confidence and empowers your self worth. I like to try new things. It keeps me learning and active.” Waldron’s advice to others is to remain open to your ever-unfolding potential. She says even if you think you know it all and how things should be, you have to leave your horizons open and continue to try new things.

“If you don’t limit yourself you will leave your mind open to unlimited potential. Be patient. The good things are worth waiting for.”

Judith Campanaro is an expressive arts consultant/educator and the author of "The Wisdom Keepers: Tehachapi Women of Substance," sold at Tehachapi Treasure Trove.