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In our Farmers Agency here in Tehachapi, the women have over 66 years of insurance experience.

The role of women in insurance has changed dramatically since I started as an agent in 1972. Staff at that time did not have to be licensed and rarely did you see a woman agent. But times have changed, and insurance companies quickly realized the value in having women obtain their insurance licenses. Today nationwide there are slightly more women, 50.2 percent, than men serving as licensed agents.

In our Farmers Agency here in Tehachapi, the women have over 66 years of insurance experience. All of the staff either have their license or are in the process of obtaining it. Ginger Patz has been our office manager and has had over 16 years in the insurance industry doing everything from homeowners and auto to complicated commercial and workers comp policies.

Her daughter Amber Patz has developed a specialty in the office. She has been doing an incredible job of handling the difficult homeowner’s policies whether it be outside markets for hard to place risks in brush areas or just the simple homeowners and auto policies, making sure all the discounts and proper placing of the policies occur.

Dottie Magill has sat on both sides of the desk as a licensed agent. Dottie and her husband owned an agency in Lancaster, so she has worked as a customer service rep handling and writing policies as well as an owner operator of her own agency. She brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge to her job.

Arica Lombardi is a Tehachapi native and is new to insurance, but you couldn’t tell. Her enthusiasm and willingness to learn has made her a great addition to the team. We’re looking forward to her obtaining her license.

We’ve just added another woman to our staff, Lisa Waddell, who is also a Tehachapi native. Lisa has worked in the insurance industry for a few years and has a background in auto and homeowners insurance. We’re excited to bring Lisa on board. Like the rest of the staff, her customer service skills are exceptional.

A few years ago, we had a need for a licensed agent who could handle Medicare and Medicare supplements. Sue Wonacott has filled that role extremely well. She is licensed and is constantly taking classes to stay up on the complicated world of medical insurance.

While not where they should be by any means, women are making giant strides in the insurance industry. Over 30 percent of vice presidents are women while almost 20 percent of CEOs are women!

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