4 seasons cafe

The 4 Seasons Cafe will open soon on the corner of West Tehachapi Boulevard and South Curry Street.

The restaurant business continues to flourish in Tehachapi as yet another eatery is slated to open in September. The 4 Seasons Cafe, featuring Asian fusion cuisine as well as American classics, is soon to open on the corner of West Tehachapi Boulevard and South Curry Street.

Michael Toppeta and his business partner, Wan Pairot, have made all the preparations to open the restaurant, and are waiting on city permits to finalize, said Toppeta.

A lunch and dinner menu will include Banh Mi sandwiches, which Toppeta likens to a Vietnamese sub sandwich, rice bowls and chicken wings. American dishes such as chicken and pork sandwiches.

"Some of things we will offer are just classic things that we love, like pine nut chicken, but everything has our own touch. We will have our own sauces," said Toppeta.

So what makes 4 Seasons Cafe unique to Tehachapi?

"We wanted to introduce Tehachapi to Banh Mi and to have a really good Banh Mi source. We do a lemon grass chicken Banh Mi, which I don't think we have seen done yet," Toppeta said.

The restaurant will feature a large eat-in patio to accommodate patrons during the virus, and take out will also be an option.

"It's not really about selling sandwiches and food, it's about being a part of the community. We want to add value to society, and to add options," Toppeta said.

In the future, Toppeta said, he and Pairot are considering adding a stage and live music to the restaurant.

"I want to be open to anything and not have it be just about a restaurant. What we need desperately now is social closeness'ing' and not social distancing, but still stay within the rules," Toppeta said.

On hot summer days, the restaurant will add yogurt to the menu.

"I love Tehachapi dearly, and this is a labor of love, and we are hoping that Tehachapi will love as well," Toppeta said.

City Manager Greg Garrett said he was excited to see entrepreneurs continue to invest in the city.

"That particular corner is highly desirable and sought after, and I wish them all the luck in the world. I see what is on their menu, and it looks super yummy, and I appreciate that we will have another opportunity," Garrett said.

Desirable location or not, Toppeta said he has heard the rumors about previous restaurants not surviving on the corner lot.

Said Toppeta, "We are going to look into this, and see what we can do to turn that around. Perhaps locate additional parking options."

Hours of operation will be from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week.

Topeta said the restaurant has a starter crew ready to go. However, applications are still being accepted. A PDF application can be found and printed out at 4seasons.cafe/work.

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