A Barbershop, located at 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Suite H, will be celebrating its one-year anniversary Oct. 4. Barbers Rolo Gonzalez, owner Jess Lopez and Noe Madera can be reached by calling 771-7159.

Many barbers and cosmetologists across the nation did not survive the coronavirus pandemic. One local barber, however, not only survived, but he will celebrate his one-year anniversary come Oct. 4 — which was not an easy feat, all things considered.

"It was tough ... it has been real tough," said owner Jess Lopez of the lockdown.

Lopez said he also owns two other businesses, including another barbershop in Long Beach that was shuttered up until one week ago.

A barber for the past 20 years, Lopez said his customers were excited to see him reopen his shop.

"They have been leaving bigger tips for us because they seen us go through the struggle," Lopez said.

Although the shop's anniversary falls on a Sunday, Lopez said he is considering doing something to celebrate the milestone.

"I have been a barber for eight years and a Tehachapi resident my whole life," said Noe Madera, who works alongside Lopez.

Although A Barbershop took a hit during the lockdown, Madera said he is happy to report that his customers found their way back to him, and that he stays pretty busy most days.

A third barber, Rolo Gonzales, can be found with scissors in hand during operating hours.

Asked what advice he has to other barbers struggling from the recession, Lopez said, "Hang in there. This is 2020, and we got to get over this."

Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and closed on Sunday and Monday.

Located at 1121 W. Valley Blvd., Suite H., A Barbershop can be reached by calling 771-7159.

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