Get ready to see swishing tails, colorful feathers and unexpected welcome calls of ducks and geese at Pacific Waterfowl Rescue.

The organization is seeking local families and residents to help take care of or adopt these birds. Pacific Waterfowl Rescue offers animal lovers and geese and duck lovers alike the chance to join in the cause to rescue and find homes for these 40 or more animals.

"We have a vision of it growing and it having more birds… if I had more people to come and take care of more animals, we could do more," said Lorraine Aubert, director for Pacific Waterfowl Rescue.

The non-profit organization started in 2015 by rescuing 18 ducks and geese from the Lagoon Valley Lake in Vacaville and then providing care until she could adopt them out. Only four geese are left from that adoption and the organization continues to take in more birds. Veterinary care is provided and this is paid for out of pocket or through donations.

It continues to take birds from all over the state. Aubert even said that one individual came all the way from Las Vegas to drop off her four birds since she could no longer take care of them and didn't want to drop them off at a shelter.

Pacific Waterfowl Rescue is located near Stallion Springs at 27272 Harness Dr. in Tehachapi. All kinds of geese and ducks are cared for, including Chinese and African geese, Muscovy ducks, Pekin ducks and various other breeds.

Aubert needs volunteers to bring produce and care for the birds as well as marketing and website design to spread the word about the organization.

People who are interested are encouraged to attend a volunteer work and adoption day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, June 24. It will include training on care for these animals. Individuals who wish to adopt are encouraged to donate, but a fee is not required.

"It will be a fun day," said Donna Gentet, a current volunteer.

No matter the level of experience, visitors who come will be welcome. Families can bring children, but the organization also wants to emphasize that volunteers should focus on caring for these animals in a professional manner. There must be adult supervision at all times during feeding, cleaning of pens and other duties.

A fundraiser is also coming up that will be posted on their Facebook page for vehicle decals saying  I love my duck or goose.” The minimum donation is $15.

People who wish to adopt need to have nighttime predator housing, and the time to provide care for these birds.

For more information or to make a donation, go to or call 760-914-2170.

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