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Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Kern's most powerful politician has won an eighth term in Congress, with the Associated Press calling the race in Republican Kevin McCarthy's favor the day following Election Day.

In the 23rd Congressional District, McCarthy as of Monday has 58.2 percent of the vote districtwide, while challenger Democrat Kim Mangone has 41.8 percent of the vote. McCarthy had an even higher percentage of the vote looking just at Kern, at 59.6 percent, over Mangone's 40.4 percent in Kern.

The day after the election, Mangone noted many votes remain to be counted.

"As your representative I will continue to fight," McCarthy said in a Facebook post the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 4, "for commonsense solutions to restore our way of life, rebuild our economy and renew the American dream for all. That starts with securing more water, taking care of our veterans and fighting back against Sacramento's liberal agenda. Let's get to work!"

That same day, Mangone said in a email to supporters, emphasizing there were still ballots to count, "No one ever thought we would come this far in this campaign against the most well-funded Republican in Congress, Kevin McCarthy."

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