Retired journalist and wildlife videographer Peter DeArmond will give a special presentation on the magnificent elk that roam the Tehachapi Mountains from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 22, at the Bear Valley Springs Equestrian Center meeting room.

Sponsored by the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association, the presentation will include videos, photos and a brief history of how these Rocky Mountain Elk — which are not native to California — arrived and eventually resettled throughout a large area that includes Tejon Ranch, Stallion Springs and Bear Valley Springs. Joining Peter for the Q & A portion of the presentation will be BVS Ranger Rocco Spinelli.

“The Rocky Mountain Elk have the largest antlers of any elk subspecies,” DeArmond said. “A mature bull elk can weigh over 700 pounds and have antlers that are 4 feet long. They’re majestic creatures and when you see one in person, it takes your breath away.”

DeArmond worked 17 years at The Bakersfield Californian and served as a reporter, editor, graphic designer and photo supervisor. He later became editor and publisher of the Kern Valley Sun. As a resident of Bear Valley Springs, he has spent several years and hundreds of hours filming the elk while they graze, nap, swim, fight and roam through the area.

Because the elk wander through neighborhood properties, DeArmond said he and Spinelli will emphasize the need to keep a safe distance.

There is no admission charge for this special event. For more information, contact Michelle Miller at 972-2519.

Michelle Miller is the publicity chair for BVSCAA.