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Tehachapi City Manager Greg Garrett

In a telephonic meeting June 1, the Tehachapi City Council adopted a resolution to cooperate with the county of Kern and entered a three-year agreement to pursue and manage Community Development Block Grants and related funding.

“Every three years, the city of Tehachapi enters an agreement with the county of Kern so that they facilitate federal HUD money on the city’s behalf,” City Manager Greg Garrett said in a weekly interview with Tehachapi News.

According to Garrett, past monies have been used to build Pioneer Park and install curb, gutter and sidewalk improvements.

“We receive about $40,000 a year in grant money from the federal government, and the county of Kern administers that money on our behalf,” said Garrett, adding, “It’s way more efficient that way.”

During the meeting, three reports concerning the city’s intention to levy assessments within the Landscaping and Lighting for District 1 (LLD) and the Drainage Benefit Assessments for Districts 1 and 2014-1 were given.

According to Garrett, every year a public hearing is held to address the financing of property taxes that pay for landscaping and streetlights in certain neighborhoods.

“Every year, the homeowners re-up it, as a legal requirement basically. No one ever objects to it because, of course, they don’t want their grass to die or their trees to die on adjacent public property,” he said.

In the near future, the city plans to host a public caravan tour of seven different project sites it has recently improved. More information will be available in the future.

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