As of Monday, the Kern County Public Health Services Department began providing confirmed number of COVID-19 cases by ZIP code on its website. 

The new information showed 15 confirmed cases for the 93561 zip code, with eight of those cases listed as recovered.

The population for the zip code was listed as 34,271, and encompasses the greater Tehachapi area, including the city of Tehachapi, Golden Hills, Bear Valley Springs, Stallion Springs and Sand Canyon.

"I think this is something that is very overdue, and something that we have been asking for for weeks," said City Manager Greg Garrett Wednesday.

Garrett also said he feels Kern County Public Health should continue to refine their information concerning the pending number of tests performed.

Said Garrett, "Those have come up negative. If the public is lead to believe that they are pending, and that there is a chance they could come up positive... If they are negative, they are negative, and I don't know why we have a pending column."

According to the City Manager, the department's recent breakdown of confirmed cases per zip code allows the public to trust more in its transparency.

"Citizens need to trust governments, and government needs to present information in a sensible and logical manner so that the public can use that to help, in this case, flatten the curve," Garrett said. "If you get these broad, big numbers for broad regions, that doesn't help us help everyone and help the government to flatten the curve and manage this pandemic. I think it is super important to arm the citizens with this data so that they can help us move forward in the right way."

The COVID-19 dashboard can be found at

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