Tehachapi City Councilman Kenneth R. Hetge requested a discussion of balanced budgets, inquired about moving the closed session to before the regular meetings, and asked whether the council should be aware of any matters with the FAA at the May 6 meeting. 

Hetge had on April 18 requested these items be placed on a future City Council agenda.

Agenda item #14: Hetge asked whether there are “any matters or issues being discussed or currently involving the FAA that the council should be aware of.”

Answer: Ashley Whitmore, airport manager answered, “No.”

Agenda item #15: A request to discuss a new ordinance for a balanced budget toward all enterprise funds.

Hetge wanted to “ensure that any enterprise fund that creates more than a 15 percent surplus or suffers a 15 percent shortfall during any fiscal year receives attention or action from the council to direct staff to either reduce tax being collected from our citizens via utility bills or to require an immediate plan of corrective action.”

Answer: The creation of an ordinance is not in the best interests of the city. If a major disaster were to happen it could leave the city unable to have sufficient extra funds to spend on fixing equipment or dealing with a similar problem, said Jay Schlosser, the city's development services director.

City manager Greg Garrett said the city has a balanced budget.

Agenda item #16: The possibility of moving closed session meetings to before the 6 p.m. regular board meeting.

Answer: The closed session meetings can take any amount of time. The public is usually not seen in the boardroom after the meeting to hear announcements from closed session and moving the meeting before the regular City Council meeting would mean the public may have to wait for the meeting to start later than 6 p.m., said Tom Schroeter, city attorney.

“Rarely is there anything to report out. It's either a litigation matter that can't be reported or a contract that can't be reported out until it's signed,” added Schroeter.

Councilman Phil Smith and Councilwoman Joan Pogon-Cord agreed that holding closed session meetings after the regular meetings was working.

City Council meetings are video recorded and usually do not include any announcements after closed session in the recording.